Primobolan depot cena

 Andriol is a form of testosterone (as undecanoate) developed by Organon, a leading pharmaceutical company in the field of steroid hormones. The trick with Andriol is that the compound is orally ingested, but still bypasses the liver and is not broken by liver enzymes and it is not toxic liver. According to the producer, Andriol (which is based on castor oil and propylene glycol laurate) is absorbed through the lymphatic system. Whether this feature of Andriol or something else, testosterone undecanoate fails to produce significant weight savings consistent. On the other hand, it is not ineffective, especially if taken during the day, one capsule every 2-4 hours. Also, Andriol has virtually no side effects: even the natural testosterone production does not seem to be affected. Obviously, such frequent use is both unrealistic and in the end, it is up to the user if he / she wants to take the milder (if costly) approach and get decent gains without endangering his / her : Andriol is a very safe drug, especially in comparison to other forms of testosterone and no serious side effects are known, even if taken in large quantities. Yet it is the least known testosterone ester and some caution is still valid.

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Primobolan depot cena

primobolan depot cena


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