Nap 50 steroids cycle

You left out a very important test, Free T3. Your Free T4 tests tells you how much stored hormone you have, but then your body converts it into useable hormone that runs through your body like gasoline runs to a car engine. You need to find out what your Free T3 levels are.  You might be like many people and your body does not properly convert stored hormone to useable. That's me. I had to go on natural treatment.. Armour, which has both T4 and T3 in it. It changed my life. I felt the difference in ONE day! I have my life back after wasting 22 years on 8 MDs, 3 of which were endocs and not a ONE OF THEM did the right tests or gave me the right treatment. I had to find my very wise MD on the Thyroid Top Docs List. Google it.

4years ago I had which I now know was PMR. Although never diagnosed at that time I was treated with tapering doses of prednisone and analgesic meds and after 6 mos all symptoms disappeared. Three months ago after a mild URI I came down with the EXACT same symptoms a frustrating condition! Only abnormal tests were very high sed rate and C-reactive proteins which are indicative of edema,along with a mild anemia. Went back to the same Drs who were perplexed as to why I had this 4 year remission until I went to a new Rheumatologist ( previous one had retired) who finally diagnosed PMR. 24 hours after the first dose of steroid(40mg) I was 85% better. I am now on a tapering dose currently 20mg and take acetaminophen at regular 4 hour intervals( being. Careful not to exceed 4000mg max per day )
It has given me my life back. I am being followed for side effects of the steroids but the plan is to keep tapering dosage till weaned completely. I know this is not a cure but if it will give me another 4 year respite I will be eternally grateful! (I am now 62yr but first episode was at age 58)

Nap 50 steroids cycle

nap 50 steroids cycle


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