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In this project, the as-built and as-is conditions are captured using unmanned aerial vehicles and visual data analytics. The solutions developed by the author automatically analyze the structure of the input IFC data model and incorporate the UAV-captured reality into it by 1) modifying the existing IFC data instances and 2) populating the model with new IFC-compliant data structures (the design of which has been elaborated in a series of publications). As a result, project models are automatically updated without human intervention; currently, the methods support the updating of IFC-based 4D BIMs (automatic schedule and progress update); development of as-built BIMs based on design discrepancy analysis; and in-BIM documentation of UAV inspection results (providing access to inspection data directly within BIM environment).

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Bsi anavar 50

bsi anavar 50


bsi anavar 50bsi anavar 50