Bd anavar 50mg reviews

Entering 3rd week of cycle: 1cc Cyp every three days, 1cc TrenE every three days, so 5cc's in on both. I handle tren pretty well, however, have noticed night sweats, a little back-acne(bacne), and puffiness under driver-side nipple. Strength/size both increasing as expected, constantly hungry/ravenous, eating any/everything in sight and still have an eight pack (thank you very much, tren). Pumps are pretty insane - noticed after devouring an entire large dominos pizza in under 30min, the muscles on the sides of my head were pumped from chewing (I shit you not).

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Bd anavar 50mg reviews

bd anavar 50mg reviews


bd anavar 50mg reviewsbd anavar 50mg reviewsbd anavar 50mg reviewsbd anavar 50mg reviews