Anniversary songs

Speaking of disses, on Death Certificate's first song, you say, "Fuck R&B." What was that about?
When I was coming up as a youngster in hip-hop, a lot of R&B and soul singers said that it wasn't even music, that this was noise. They could never see it going anywhere; it was just a fad. That lasted for years. It didn't end with the emergence of Run-DMC – there was still hate. Then around the mid-Eighties we started seeing R&B groups using hip-hop beats. There was scratchin' and breakers and graffiti. I thought, "Now y'all trying to get this hip-hop shine." I was very against the merge of R&B and hip-hop. So by '91, I was just pissed that so many singers were using hip-hop artists to make their records sell. I felt it was diluting hip-hop so I was pretty pissed off at R&B at the time.

During this era music was dominated by a number of "Big Bands" and songs could be attributed to the band leader, the band name, the lead singer or a combination of the them. It is common, for example, to see the same song listed with three different artists. And, just to stop us from getting bored, the success of a song was tied to the sales of sheet music, so a popular song would often be perfomed by many different combinations of singers and bands and the contemporary charts would list the song, without clarifying whose version was the major hit. Where we have found such issues we have attempted to consolidate the entries using the most widely accepted value for the artist in each case.

Anniversary songs

anniversary songs


anniversary songsanniversary songsanniversary songsanniversary songsanniversary songs